Dreams Hunt, New Stuff & New Mall Location!

Hi Kids!

Winter is fast approaching and you know what that means…time to break out the winter coats!!

Sooooooooooooooo…now available at KJIm Kids are our newest release: Quilted Squishie Winter Coats for Toddleedoo Babies & Kids aaaaaaaaaaaaaand Totsipop babies!!

Fits Toddleedoo baby & kid. Also includes a size for Totsipop babies. All unisex!!

                   Fits Toddleedoo baby & kid. Also includes a size for Totsipop babies. All unisex!!

Don’t worry regular kids!! We have jackets upstairs for regular sized child avatars as well!! How awesome is THAT!

But that’s not all!  KJIm Kids just opened a satellite location at the Forever Family Adoption Agency and Toddleedoo Mall and their grand opening is TODAY! 😮

Tons of excellent stores and we’re lucky to be a part of the experience. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!

Come on down to the new location for today’s grand opening…here’s what’s happening!

Forever Family Adoption Agency & Mall’s Grand Opening!! Our grand opening is finally here. Come and browse the best TD designers on SL. From Babysteps to Tic Tot Toe, Little Pixels to Bad Seed. We have over 100 stores from the best and new Toddleedoo designers on SL.

Join our group for news, events and gossip and friendly no drama moderated banter.

Come dance on the ice rink in your winter outfits with Olaf to the sounds of our LIVE DJ and explore our brand new adoption agency.

Take a LM when you land.


Our new store is just behind the first building when you land. You can pick up some of our older items AND our newest jacket both here and at our mainstore where you may find something to help make the price a bit more easy by participating in the Dreams Hunt going on between now and December 17! How so? Well let me tell ya!!

Somewhere in KJIm Kids…there’s a little lonely cloud that needs a lot of love and a new home…and inside of it is …

No Copy/Transfer and good at all KJIm or KJIm Kids Locations!!

No Copy/Transfer and good at all KJIm or KJIm Kids Locations!!

A gift card is like a dream come true for shopaholics … EVERYWHERE!! Because not only do you get to spend someone else’s money…YOU can pick what you want! How awesome is that? 😮

So here’s what you do…head over to KJIm Kids on Serenity Lake and come into the store. Look for the sign below and follow the clue to find the gift card. WEAR it…and BOOM buy whatever you want at the shop!

Look for the little white cloud somewhere in the store...

Look for the little white cloud somewhere in the store…

Dreams really do come true kids! You can bundle up for the winter, shop til you drop and then even go to a great party over at the newest adoption agency in SL! See ya!

❤ Miss Kilo


KJIm Kids is in All The Little Things This November!!

Hi Kids!

This month’s theme for All The Little Things is Slumber Party!

And for this month, KJIm Kids is one of the stores in the round!

Slumber Party for November includes pjs, pranks, and all things you can do in a slumber party. So what better way to have a good party than to sneak out at night and prank your neighbors?? But this time…do it in style (and in cognito) with the Sleepover Prankster Outfit!!

You can choose from one of three hoodies, available with or without our original patch for PIBCO (Pranksters Inc Bike Club Organization).

Each hoodie set comes with:

Hoodie – in plain or with logo on back
3 pairs of jeans (blue, lt grey or black) w/ a dice & marble chain!
2 types of face paint so you can go undetected (camo or black)
3 beanies to cover your hair (Black, Blue or Charcoal)
Black gloves (we wouldn’t want you guys leaving prints and being id’d now would we? ;))

For a closer look, peep the ads below!
KJIm Kids Sleepover Prankster Outfit Ad Black KJIm Kids Sleepover Prankster Outfit Ad Charcoal KJIm Kids Sleepover Prankster Outfit Ad Dk Blue

Each set is only 50L through the month of November (a special promo discount) and will go up juuuust a smidge when the month is over and items are moved to our main store.

So head down to All The Little Things and get yours today!

All The Little Things Toddleedoo Collaboration

Also be sure to visit our main store on Serenity Lake! New items will be added soon and hopefully some new avenues for everyone as well!

The SLurl can be found in our sidebar. 🙂

See you soon!

❤ Miss Kilo


In a couple of weeks, we’ll be sending our little ones off Camp Hardknock, Summer Session 2014!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!

And you know what that means kids…SHOPPING!!

And down at CHK Shopping Headquarters, KJIm has a rack of stuff for YOU!


KJIm Kids: Boys swimming trunks!

Fit for every swimming place in SL, we’ve got soundwaves, magicians, cars, monkeys and of course…the surf!


KJIm: Camp Hardknock Cabin Visors!

These resizeable sun visors will block the sun from your eyes and help you represent your cabin to the fullest!


KJIm Kids: Camp Hobo Sticks (w/ animation included)

Our camp hobo sticks come in two styles, one is a static pose for piccies and the other you can hoist over your shoulder and walk around with (even with your ao).


KJIm Kids: Camp Suitcases (w/ Animation)

Camp suitcases rep your cabin and help you get all packed for your sleepaway adventure!


And don’t forget these adorable little outfits for the ladies of camp! Cute bathing suits and dresses for dancing!  Available in bright pastels, these little numbers are sure to make you the bell of the ball!

So head to Camp Hardknock Shopping Headquarters to get your stuff today!

And don’t forget, KJIm’s Vacation outfits are still available as well, but only at Collab4Kidz until you leave for camp!

Fun in the sun...bring oooooooooon vacation!

Fun in the sun…bring oooooooooon vacation!

Each set has 3 t-shirt colors, 5 short selections and the shirts are available in regular size and baggy versions!

Available only at Collab4Kidz for a few more weeks, then we can bring it home to the mainstore!

Surf’s Up!


The temperature is rising outside and you know that means … time to hit the beach!

And what better way to hit the beach for our little darlings than in style!

Introducing Water Lily, one of KJIm Kids most recent additions.  This adorable little swimsuit comes in six different designs, all adorable and ALL with matching shoes! 😮

KJIm Kids Water Lily Ad Unicorn KJIm Kids Water Lily Ad Tweety KJIm Kids Water Lily Ad Panda KJIm Kids Water Lily Ad Heffalump KJIm Kids Water Lily Ad Elmo KJIm Kids Water Lily Ad Cookie MonsterAvailable in both kid and baby toddleedoo, these adorable one pieces have matching flip flops (with and without the flower) that are resizeable.  Perfect for our little ones!

Available at our mainstore and at the CHK Shopping Headquarters.

More updates coming tomorrow! This girrrrl…is beat!


New Release: Collab4Kidz Exclusive!

Fun in the sun...bring oooooooooon vacation!

Fun in the sun…bring oooooooooon vacation!

Introducing the KJIm Kids Vacation Short Set!  Each set includes: regular and baggy shirt options with 3 t-shirt colors and 5 options for shorts.  At L$75 for each set, it’s a steal!

KJIm Kids Vacation Short Set Blue Plaid Ad KJIm Kids Vacation Short Set Green Plaid Ad KJIm Kids Vacation Short Set Minion Plaid Ad KJIm Kids Vacation Short Set Red Plaid Ad KJIm Kids Vacation Short Set Yellow Plaid Ad

This item is only available at Collab4Kidz, located on the Somersley South Sim!

Collab4Kidz is a brand-new monthly showcase (now in its second cycle) that offers GREAT outfits for low prices for your toddleedoo. Each item for the event is an exclusive, never-been-released item from the stores that participate and at a discounted price no less!

So you get great stuff and you’re the first to have it!  How awesome is THAT?!? Aaand it will be full price when it goes to back to the main store. So come on down and check out Collab4Kidz! And while you’re there, pick up an outfit or three for your kids…or if you’re a kid…for YOU!

Seeee ya!

❤ Miss Kilo

p.s.  I want to give a special thank you to my models Meagan, Kaysha, Chani, Kaylee and Nemo! You guys were epic!

Deena Comes Home, Water Lily is Ready for the Beach & Gacha Corner Redesigned!


So after a successful first month at Collab4Kidz, a brand new monthly showcase just for the little people in our lives, Deena has finally come home to our main store and is at full price.

KJIm Deena Dress Ad Lilac

Available in Lilac, Glittery White, Peach, Green and Pink

Available in five adorable spring colors, this wonderful dress is light, airy and is perfect for any occasion. And what’s better? Matching shoes!!!  All but the demo have matching sandals. So your little darling is going to look fabulously coordinated in this springtime frock.  Be sure to swing by and pick yours up today.

Now, in case you missed it, KJIm Kids also released some brand new swimsuits for our little girls earlier this season!  The water lily series is a selection of 6 really cute ruffled one-pieces fit with matching flip-flops (with and without a flower option).

KJIm Kids Water Lily Ad Cookie Monster KJIm Kids Water Lily Ad Elmo KJIm Kids Water Lily Ad Heffalump KJIm Kids Water Lily Ad Panda KJIm Kids Water Lily Ad Tweety KJIm Kids Water Lily Ad Unicorn

Available inworld and on the marketplace, these little stunners will make your little one the most fashionable diva on the beach!



Also, if you’re looking for past gacha prizes from the arcade and/or other gacha fairs, our gacha corner is stocked with these items (some may have been sold since this list has published) for $25L – $50L (including rares):

Noodles – Mystery Prize 1 (book series)
8f8 hats & mittens
boogers bears
tee*fy food guns
boogers toys
tee*fy vintage camera
miamai snowglobe
intrigue sprout pet
mishmish penguin gacha
commoner monogram stockings
[handverk] carousels
nardcotix rainboots
dynasty nordic hoodie
apple may designs neon wings sneakers
culprit pugs
sways water bottles
alouette fairy series
floorplan music box
curio obscura lil angel wings
click sled poses
apple fall christmas items
pure poison lovelyna huggables
pure poison sandals & flats for slink feet
truth maiko
exile rain or shine
d-lab fairy

And last but not least, we are going to be in the all new cycle of Collab4Kidz starting on June 15, 2014 and our newest release, exclusively at Collab4Kidz for the duration of the event, will be unisex!! So parents and guardians, grab your girls AND your boys and be sure to head down and pick you up the newness from KJIm Kids Apparel!


❤ Miss Kilo

Camp Hardknock hits Marketplace (and other updates)!!

Hi everyone!

The KJIm/KJIm Kids Marketplace has now been updated to include all tshirts for TD and non-mesh child avatars

KJIm Kids PWTees Short Gold

KJIm Kids Short Plain Tees for Toddleedoo Kids & Babies ONLY

KJIm Kids SPTeesRK Ad ocean

KJIm Kids Short Plain Tees for Regular (Non-Mesh) Child Avatars

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand for our recent batch of Camp Hardknock Campers, if you are still on the hunt for camp stuffies that you may have missed…our luggage and jackets are now available on marketplace!!

Camp Hardknock Winter 2014 Jackets - 6 jackets, one for each cabin color!

Camp Hardknock Winter 2014 Jackets – 6 jackets, one for each cabin color!

KJIm Kids Camp Hardknock Cabin Suitcases available in the 6 cabin colors!

KJIm Kids Camp Hardknock Cabin Suitcases available in the 6 cabin colors!

Also KJIm & KJIm Kids Apparel are proud to announce they are joining team Charmed Crusaders for Relay for Life!!

Aaaaaaaaand KJim Apparel & KJIm Kids Apparel is a proud sponsor of the 2014 Autism Awareness: Lighting the Way event coming in April! We will be releasing a special edition jacket (100% going to charity) for the 2014 Lighting the Way Autism Awareness Fundraiser in our DoGooder Square at the mainstore this coming weekend!! So swing by, buy a jacket and help do your part to support Autism Awareness.

More things coming soon for the kids, so stayyyyy tuned!

See ya!

♥ Miss K