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Moving Day!

Moving Day woo!

KJIm Apparel

So over the past week, I’ve been looking at how my SLife has changed and is changing and thought it was time to start merging a lot of what I do in SL.

Soooooooooo…KJIm & KJIm Kids Apparel now live under the same roof! Here! Take a look around. 😀

The top floor will be devoted to all KJIm Kids releases while our main floor will be more for our grown folks. If you’re shopping as a family, this will be great for you because not only can you enjoy the experience of shopping together but you can have a relaxing lunch over in our little park across the street equipped with a table for you and your friends or family as well as a nice swing set to catch some of the breeze in your hair.

New releases will be coming over the next few weeks so stay tuned!…

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It’s Time for an Adventure!!

The September round of All the Little Things will begin this Sunday, September 6, 2015 and our offering for the month is definitely one to help you have an adventure in time!

adventure time clocks

Presenting the Adventure Time clocks gacha!  Like the show? Want to go on your own adventure? A fan of space, balloon rides or just like moseying around the country side in your cowboy/girl outfit? Well these clocks will join you in the time space continuum!

Each clock is about 3-4 land impact and comes with both a static and working clock.  With 8 commons and 2 rares, we are sure you’ll find something that will help your tick by much quicker on the grid!  At only $35L a piece, it’s a steal of a deal and you can give these puppies away!

See you guys soon and enjoy your adventures in time!

Click here to tp directly to All The Little Things!

❤ Miss Kilo

All the Little Things & The Bounce Buddy for Camp Hardknock!


Today is the first day of the July Round for All the Little Things!! I’m so excited!! This month’s offering is the Chill Chair. Two different 5-color packs (dark and light), this wonderful chair is sized for TD kids and has 12 poses just for you! Click here for the LM!

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And on top of that you have ONE WEEK LEFT before Camp Hardknock begins!! Sooooo make sure you head on down to the Camp Hardknock Shopping Headquarters! We have luggage, visors, regular items like towels and outfit and our last offering for this year’s camp the Bounce Buddy!!  When you bounce into someone you will hear random sayings and it’s available in each cabin and staff color with faces for each cabin!! Get your taxi to the HQ here!

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So hoping you guys enjoy these selections! Take the SLUrls up top and happy shopping!  See you guys later and enjoy camp!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!


New things are out and about all over the grid from KJim Kids!!

First up, we have our items for this summer’s (and final) Camp Hardknock (saaaad faaaace 😥 ). This year, however, I thought it’d be a good idea to add in items for our big kids aka our counselors and directors! Whyyyyy?? Because they want Camp Hardknock stuff too!! LOL

Now both of our items that are out now are resizeable and should fit big and little hands alike.

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Our suitcases are in their newest colors for this year’s camp and as always come with a display version (in case you want to leave one out) and of course the one that attaches to your avi.  Fit for little hands, this case is sure to pack all of your goodies and smuggle in aaaaaall the candies!

Next up…

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What better way to keep the sun out of your eyes and stay cool than with our terry cloth visors??  Rep your cabin and stay cool in the hot hot sun. 🙂  Burning up but want to stay fashionable? No worries!  You can jump in the pool or lake wearing your visor and it will keep the cool close to you!

And coming soon to the camp store….

Bumper Buddies!! Out 07/01/2015 @ CHK Shopping Headquarters!

Bumper Buddies!! Out 07/01/2015 @ CHK Shopping Headquarters!

These hilarious bouncers attach to your avi and offer TONS of amusement as you bump into each other, repping your cabins with silly faces and sounds to match!!  Make your own cabin war or just prank the stuffing out of each other by running into your friends and having a bouncing good time!!

More items coming shortly (like something new for All The Little Things next month)…but for now…HEAD TO THE CAMP HARDKNOCK SHOPPING HEADQUARTERS CHK CAMPERS!!

❤ Miss Kilo

All The Little Things – January

Hi gang! Happy New Year!

Alright, so the holidays are over (whew!!) and it’s time for a new day, new beginnings and all that good stuff.

So this month’s theme for All The Little Things is “New Year, New You” which means everything from each contributor is brand new!

Since it’s still winter here in DC, I thought this was the perfect time for new jammies and testing out new things like making poses and props! (Whaaaat?)

So I present to you the KJIm Kids TeddyBear Cub PJ collection! While there are 8 regular selections (each sold separately), there are also two special releases which each have additional items.

The Cuddle Monkey PJs come equipped with a fudge-dipped banana popsicle aka Mr. Fudgie that they can wear with or without the pjs! :)

The Cuddle Monkey PJs come equipped with a fudge-dipped banana popsicle aka Mr. Fudgie that they can wear with or without the pjs! 🙂

Honey Bear PJs come with a honey dipper mouthie (that drips actual honey) and a custom pose prop that lets your little one get caught with their hand in the honey jar! :)

Honey Bear PJs come with a honey dipper mouthie (that drips actual honey) and a custom pose prop that lets your little one get caught with their hand in the honey jar! 🙂

kjim kids bearcub pjs ad purple

kjim kids bearcub pjs ad purple cc

kjim kids bearcub pjs ad pink

kjim kids bearcub pjs ad pink cc

kjim kids bearcub pjs ad green

kjim kids bearcub pjs ad blue

All of the pjs are unisex and fit both Toddleedoo baby and kid avis. The honey jar that comes with Honey Bear can be worn (or rezzed as there is an additional rezzable version included).

Head on down to All the Little Things (click here for lm) and hopefully you’ll find something you or your kids will love! Gifting option is available on the vendor!

Big shout out to my very handsome nephew, Mr. Calvin Taylor for being my model for my HoneyBear and regular PJs. And an extra shout out and thank you to my lovely models Miss Ellie Cuervo and Jilly Christenson for modeling the cuddle monkey pjs. You all look faaaaaaaabulous!

Have a happy new year!

❤ Miss Kilo

All The Little Things – December

Happy holidays folks!

KJIm Kids is in another round of All of the LIttle Things!  This December’s theme is “All I want for Christmas”.  Everything at this round is transferrable, so you can gift them.


KJIm Beanie and Fuzzies Mitten Ad

                                                                Unisex, tons of colors aaaand resizable!

KJIm Cuddleski Ad 2014

                                        Each color has 2 versions: huggable and handheld dangly version!

Toys and things to keep you warm…what more do you need! Also, our sleepover prankster outfits are coming to our mainstore. We also have new jackets for Toddledoo babies, kids and Totsipop babies!

Regular kid avis, fret not…new things are coming down the pike for you too!  And if you haven’t already participated in our dreams hunt, you still have time!  The hunt ends on December 17, so be sure to swing by our mainstore on Serenity Lake and shop til you drop!

Happy Holidays!

❤ Miss Kilo